Easter Course
2 - 8 April 2023

The 2023 courses should be running free of Covid protocols. Come what may we will look out for each other. As usual the key to the course is the high quality of the teaching faculty, your daily lesson and for us all to be together as a cello family for new inspiration, excellent teaching and learning, performance opportunities and a ‘vivid’ social life after a hard working day.

Most of the teachers are or have been associated with the famous Strings Department at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

The Faculty

 Matt Lowe previously with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and is Director of Music at Bradfield College, Tim Lowe guest leader of many of UK’s leading orchestras and professor at GSMD. Norwegian cellist Jonathan Aasgaard – Principal cello of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Sue Lowe previously assistant professor RCM, ex-Chetham’s School of Music and Eton College and who is the Artistic Director of the course. An outstanding features of the course, is the exceptional quality of the pianists, who work around the clock, rehearsing and coaching. We are delighted to welcome J.P. Ekins as our pianist. There is also an opportunity to have yoga lessons some of the time with John Gibson.

Luthier, Thomas Kai-Roth, deals with problems with instruments and will conduct an instrument maintenance workshop.

Another feature of the course are staff concerts. In performing for the course the staff are putting themselves through the same experience as the students, practicing what they preach, as well as being immensely inspiring!

With each student receiving an individual lesson/masterclass every day, supplemented by Alexander lessons and duo rehearsals, there is a plethora of knowledge to soak up. Students are encouraged to listen to as many masterclasses as possible as well as doing private practice during the day

This course is particularly special because the management team are more dedicated to the students than anywhere else in the whole music industry. I know for example that the artistic director, Sue Lowe, not only has to do the substantial task of fitting 50 students and 6 teachers into a 6 day timetable in a way that works logistically, but also spends time in the weeks leading up to the course considering each student’s individual teaching needs and scheduling them with teachers that are appropriate for them at specific times through the week.