Summer Course

The Summer Course is intimate and inspiring, having a strong emphasis on sharing and learning from one another as a journey of change is embarked upon.

Based around three discussion topics, Technique/ Practice/ Performance, a holistic view to cello and music is taken with no stone left unturned!


The information gained from the discussions and daily individual lesson/ masterclasses is then put into action using Informal Performance Platforms and a Formal Concert and Chamber Music Concert at the end of the week.

The Chamber music, of which there are two elements, duo coaching and small chamber groups (also coached), are essential in trying to reinforce the musical aspects from individual lessons. It also helps awaken and develop new skills, that apply not only to music but life.


With two exceptional teachers (Matt Lowe and Sue Lowe) and a wonderful pianist (John-Paul Ekins) this course is designed to be a personal experience for everyone.

They provide a warm, inclusive environment, sympathetic yet honest, in which knowledge is passed on and a process of change begins.


If cello is an important part of your life and you want to enhance your knowledge and skills in an enjoyable environment then this inspirational course is a necessity.

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